Crunchy Matcha Yuzu Chiffon Cake (Whole Cake )日本柚子抹茶脆皮戚風蛋糕(原個)

Crunchy Matcha Yuzu Chiffon Cake (Whole Cake )日本柚子抹茶脆皮戚風蛋糕(原個)


。特濃抹茶朱古力脆皮 Matcha Chocolate Shell

。日式抹茶戚風蛋糕 Japanese Matcha Chiffon Cake

。手工高知縣柚子吉士醬 Handmade Kochi Yuzu Curd

。抹茶奶油吉士忌廉 Matcha Mousseline

。自家烘烤檸檬乾 House-made Dried Lemon Slices

。雙魚小姐自家配方鮮奶油 MPC House Cream

Immerse yourself in the perfect fusion of flavors as the rich and earthy notes of premium Japanese matcha harmonize with the vibrant citrusy essence of Kochi yuzu. This delightful matcha chiffon cake is encased in a delicate and crispy matcha-infused chocolate shell, creating a tantalizing combination of textures.


手寫朱古力生日牌請於 Add-ons 頁面加購。

For customised chocolate sign, please refer to Add-ons page.


Allergy information: Eggs, Wheat, Dairy, Nuts

Produced in a licensed food factory where tree nuts and peanuts are also handled.

Serving size: 4-6 servings / 5″ cake, 10-12 servings/ 8″ cake

Size: 5″ Whole Cake / 8″ Whole Cake

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5” whole cake, 8” whole cake


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