MPC Premium Party Set C (30 Items)

MPC Premium Party Set C (30 Items)


Total 30 pieces of cakes and baked goods suitable for 30-40 people. Special party set discount up to 17% off! All in single packaging easy for gifting and sharing.

  • Sliced Cakes in Box – 10 pieces (Choice of Double Matcha Basque Cheesecake 京都抹茶巴斯克芝士蛋糕 / Mixed Berries Basque Cheesecake 雜莓杏仁脆脆巴斯克芝士蛋糕 / Pistachio Basque Cheesecake 開心果巴斯克芝士蛋糕 / Whisky Tiramisu Basque Cheesecake 威士忌Tiramisu巴斯克芝士蛋糕)
  • Single Pack Specialty Cookies/ Scones – 4 pieces (Choice of Black Truffle Cheese Cookie 黑松露奶油芝士軟心曲奇 / Soft Baked Hazelnut Chocolate Biscoff Cookie 焦糖脆餅榛子朱古力軟心曲奇 / Japanese Creamy Corn Buttery Scone 香濃忌廉粟米牛油鬆餅 / Pistachio Mochi Buttery Scone 開心果流心麻糬牛油鬆餅)
  • Single Pack Scones – 8 pieces (Hojicha Scones with Caramelised White Chocolate 日式焙茶牛油鬆餅配焦糖白朱古力)
  • Single Pack Cookies – 8 pieces (66% Double Dark Chocolate Cookies 66% 香濃雙重黑朱古力厚曲奇)


  • Basque cheesecake: 5-7 days in refrigerator
  • Cookies: 5-7 days in dry condition at room temperature (22-25°C), 14 days in refrigerator
  • Scones: 5-7 days in dry condition at room temperature (22-25°C), 14 days in refrigerator

+$20 for golden cutlery set (5 forks and 5 plates)

+$5 for golden cake knife

*Free delivery promotion is not applicable to this party set*


Photos for reference only.

Allergy information: Eggs, Wheat, Honey, Dairy, Nuts (Pistachio, Almond)

Produced in a licensed food factory where tree nuts and peanuts are also handled.


Additional information

Choice of Basque cheesecake

Double Matcha Basque Cheesecake 京都抹茶巴斯克芝士蛋糕, Mixed Berries Basque Cheesecake 雜莓杏仁脆脆巴斯克芝士蛋糕, Pistachio Basque Cheesecake 開心果巴斯克芝士蛋糕, Whisky Tiramisu Basque Cheesecake 威士忌Tiramisu 巴斯克芝士蛋糕


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