About Us

Who are we?

An Exclusive Pastry Production House located in Hong Kong specialized in crafted beverages and custom pastry.

A Creative Media to promote the lifestyle of self-love & self-romance. We produce comforting videos of goodies making, press for the consoling ways of living, hence encourage oneself to explore the satisfaction in life.

A mindful Well-being Advocate to raise awareness on mental health which we believe a loving soul is as important as physical health and look.

What we do?

Quality is our receipe
Drink & Eat in style
Self-love & Surprise

We believe our stomach lives a beautiful soul.

Miss Pisces aims to spread love through the enjoyment of our crafted delicacies and drinks. Having delightful treats is definitely the most direct way to enliven our mood. It is important we feed ourselves well to keep a happy and loving soul. Live everyday reminding of ourselves the practice of self-romance!